Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tagged Out!!

You want to talk about one exciting night of hunting?  It was October 7, a Monday evening after work.  I decided to skip our usual pizza night at Bunker Hill with the Velderman's and hit up the Bank for some hunting instead.  I had been there the night before and seen a few deer on my way in to my stand.  So Monday night I was determined to beat them to the spot.  I got in the upper stand around 4:30pm.  Plenty early considering I didn't see a single deer until about 7:00pm.  That's when this nice six point came in from the south of me.  He walked in about five yards from my stand and I gave him a Swhacker.  He ran to the north and disappeared for about five minutes before I seen him step into the shooting lane to the north of me following a doe.  He laid down in plain sight and died.  

I figured that since the six point was down and no tracking was going to be necessary that I would sit out the rest of the night in hopes of a doe or a larger buck.  And it was no more than 20 minutes and I heard some commotion coming from the same direction the six point came from.  It was a bachelor group of three bucks with the largest of the three in the front.  He walked out fifteen to twenty yard behind me and I got him to stop.  Everything happened so fast and before I knew it an arrow was released.  I can't even remember looking at my pins, but it seemed to look like a good hit. 
I got down once it was nearly dark and checked my arrow.  It was the best looking bloody arrow you could ask for.  The Toxic broadhead (that I have never shot before) had done a good job.  At least that's what I thought.  Chad came and we tracked the deer for about 200 yards.  It was great blood until we got to the road.  We were stumped.  After an hour of looking, we went and took care of the six point and I decided I would come back the next day after work.  My buddy, Chris Korreck, and I looked for another two hours the next day with not much luck.
It wasn't until that Sunday (six days later) that Chad and Andrew went hunting and the bank and came back to a note on there truck.  It read, "if you would like to know more information about a buck that was recently shot here, call this number".  Chad called me and told me what he found and I instantly gave the guy a call.  After a little persuasion and a labor trade, I got the rack from the deer.  It was a nine point with some nice girth a neat kicker tine off the side.  I didn't get the meat, but at least I got a keep sake that will let me remember October 7, 2013; the night I took two nice bucks in one sit. 

In conclusion,  I want to say I love the Swhacker broadhead, I love the Carbon Express lighted nocks, and I will never shoot a Toxic broadhead again.
Thanks to everyone that helped with the post hunt work of tracking, dragging, gutting, and cleaning the deer.  Special thanks to neighbor Lou Wagenveld for taking the time to get in touch with me about the deer.  I can't wait to have this guy hanging on my wall.  


Anonymous said...

Nice work. Happy to see the Waldo shirt it's still in use. I think it brings good luck

Jon Neithercoat said...

Congrats on your sixer there, it's a nice deer. What a neat experience having that many deer come to you in one evening. It must be a good spot and you're lucky to have it. I haven't read your other posts so I'm not sure if it's public or private.

I will say that I've been in a similar situation where you have multiple opportunities at animals in the same hunt. You learn from it all. I'm not here to rag on you but I'm sure it's something you'll never do again. I know I did! After making a poor shot with the bow when I was younger because I was so excited....I don't know where I put the pin but it felt right kinda deal....I'll never do it again! I am always reminded of that awful feeling of never finding the deer and knowing that I caused the deer to suffer and wasted the meat. So everytime I pull back on animal or set the crosshairs I always am reminded of that and make sure I have a clear shot and that I am ready for it. I told one of my hunting mentors about the situation, telling him my G5 broadheads were junk and you know what he told me? "If you put the broadhead, any sharp broadhead, in the right spot, you'll harvest your deer every time." He's right, we live and we learn.

Again, I'm not here to bust your chops, just wanted to share similar experiences. I think that having a blog is a cool idea.

I'm from central PA, so I beleve we have similar hunting situations. Seems what you guys do is pretty cool.

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Thanks for the insight Jon. I have been hunting for many years and it seems I learn something new almost everytime I go out for a hunt. I guess thats what keeps the sport interesting. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.