Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swhacker Broadhead Review

First deer of the year was taken on a new piece of land that we got permission to hunt.  It is a 12 acre piece that is just down the road from our usual spot, the bank.

I took this deer with a Swhacker Broadhead at about 15 yards on September 21 (early doe) around 7:00pm, and I promised a review of this broadhead  after I had a chance to use it.  I think the video below says it all.

The blood trail was so defined that we decided to let my six year old nephew, Elijah, do all the tracking.  He was successful after about 60 yards of following blood. 

Thanks to Elijah and the Swhacker, I have meat in the freezer.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again

I've been slacking just like I do every summer.  There has actually been plenty to post; I just haven't taken the time to do it.  I have pictures of some events and others I do not. 

I was honored to be able to fish the big lake with Pier Addiction out of Holland, Michigan.  Once with my wife and two girls.  We went five four seven catching Two King Salmon, One Coho, One Steelhead, and one lake trout.  The other time was in a tournament put on by the chairman of the Holland Steelheaders, Brian Eade (pictured below with the 30lb King Salmon he caught this summer).  We actually ended up winning the tournament by going seven for ten.  I took in a nice 16lb king and our biggest fish of the day was a 21 lb King. 
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I finished my first shoulder mount this past February.  I think it actually turned out pretty darn good.  There are a few things that I will do differently next time, but for the most part I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  It is the hide of the last buck I shot in 2012 mixed with a set of antlers we found on a dead deer in 2010.  I went with the semi sneak look and the ears pinned back. 


Rogue and I actually went ice fishing quite a bit this past winter.  For some reason she loves it.  She actually sat there for hours.  I pretty much had to tell her it was time to leave.  We caught a lot of nice gills on the pond by Chads house and my in-laws pond.  Good Times!!

The Braxe broadhead (pictured above) along with the Swhacker are a couple of broadheads I will be trying in the field this year.  I may also give Toxic broadheads a try depending on how successful of a year I have.  Come back to visit the Blog to see how they perform.

I picked up some new arrows from a gentlemen named Tom Eastman that my mom knows from Royal Park.  He made a bunch of arrows for my brothers and I free of charge.  He just enjoys making arrows.  So I am excited to try those out as well.