Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slammin the Salmon

Okay, so the title is a little on the lame side especially since all the fish aren't even salmon. Oh well it got your attention didn't it. As many of you faithful readers may remember, there was a post about a successful fishing trip on the day my daughter was born last September. There have been some "Legendary"** and also some mildly successful fishing trips since then. But nothing like this. The word on the water is that this is the best year on the big lake since the 70's. Three quarters of the Krak Boy Team wasn't alive then but we were able to travel back in time to see what the good old days were really about. Andrew and I (Chad) Woke up at 4 in the morning to try to repeat the success that we had this past September. Lines were in the water before the sun came up............. Just like last time we couldn't keep lines down. For the record, if you don't have auto pilot on your boat, always make sure to have three people on board. I had to be to work at 9, but within the 2 and a half hour window that we had to fish we were able to land 8 nice fish. (Andrew will comment on species and size). With one more man on board and another hour to fish we might have actually limited out. Good times! All we need now is to figure out how to catch these things during daylight hours. **Legendary--- is a term coined by Old Bro Krak. When used reference to a fishing trip it is simply a trip in which few or no fish were caught, the coast guard rescue boat is involved and vomiting is at the front of everyone's mind with the exception of the driver who is usually not prone to sea sickness.