Saturday, May 5, 2012

Big Lake Big Expectations

Last night we were able to hook into 2 nice steel-head and a lake trout that just hit it's 20" size limit. My Mom, Dad, Elijah, Easton and I were headed out to 160' of water when Bryan called and told us to try it in 30 - 50 feet. He gets his info from a much more reliable source, so we dropped lines and gave it a try. After an hour of nothing I was just about to pull up and go deep when we hooked the first fish. Got it on a down rigger 30 feet down. The second and largest fish of the night came about an hour after the first and was caught on my Dad's Brand new Copper Pole. The third was again about 45 min. to an hour later on that same copper line. 3 of 4 isn't a bad night for a Kraker Cruise, but it was far from the stories of 17 for 21, etc... that we have been hearing about. I'll try not to complain.