Monday, December 17, 2012

Broken Tine December Buck

It's that time of year where life becomes busy with Christmas preparation and get togethers and that is why I decided to take advantage of an unbooked Saturday morning, December 15.  The only question was where do I sit?  We recently got permission to hunt 12 acres by my moms house, but I was thinking the odds would be better by the bank.  Speaking of odds, any previous year would have suggested the upper stand (also known as the hotspot or killer stand) would be the best choice for success, but this year, for the first time ever, the lower stand has out produced the upper stand with two bucks and doe compared to only two doe out of the upper stand.  So I decided to sit in the lower stand. 

I had been sitting for no more than 20 minutes and a buck came strolling in from the south.  It was still fairly dark, but I could tell it was a smaller rack, which got me wondering if it was the deer Andrew hit a couple weeks before.  I figured I would never find out for sure because it was about to step right into my wind, and I figured that would be the last I would ever see of him again, but that is not what happened.  The buck stepped into my wind and put his nose in the air, but instead of taking off, he started heading right for me.  In a matter of minutes, he was twenty yards in front of me, directly in my wind.  He looked away for a brief second and I took the opportunity to draw my bow.  I heard a whack and the deer took off to the north.  It ran about 50 yards up the powerline and stopped, stumbled, and rolled.  It was the first time I have ever seen a deer go down after shooting it with a bow (except spine shots).    

Not only did this buck loose the fight with my Hoyt CRX35 but it appears it lost a fight to another buck earlier in the season because its main tine on the left side was broken off.  It would have been a nice six but was a ugly five instead. 
The deer had no signs of being hit by Andrew a couple week prior so I got my answer on that question, and this guy solidified the lower stand with the top stand of 2012 with three bucks and a doe (plus the one Andrew wounded).
Sex - Male
Points - 5 (broken tine)
Shot distance - 20 yards
Weapon - Hoyt CRX 35
Broadhead - Muzzy 100 grain three blade (that's right I'm back to shooting Muzzy's.  They seem to do the trick)
Shot placement - through the the shoulder and out the mid section (Muzzy blasted right through the bone.  You can't complain about that)
Weight - 115 lbs
Didn't have an illuminated nock on so I have no feedback for you. 
Stand - Lower Bank Stand

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whiskey Creek

Like my older brother, I too have a deep appreciation for bow hunting. I'll never forget the day I shot 2 deer with my gun within a ten minute period. After the gun smoke settled I found myself facing a huge task (we process our own deer) which was brought about with only a mediocre amount of adrenaline. To be fair I have to admit it was still a good time. But it did lack the satisfaction of having a whitetail only yards away , and putting them down with energy that came from the strength of my own arms.

However, my appreciation for gun hunting was revived this past gun season when I got to take out my trusty ole 25-06 and head up north for my 2nd annual Whiskey Creek Hunting Camp. This hunt didn't revive gun hunting for me because of the gun or even because it resulted in my first northern whitetail. It was because It was a deer camp that included my entire family! And the 96 Lb doe that I shot was nothing too spectacular, but it was the first deer I got to shoot with my son Easton sitting next to me. Easton is my 2 year old boy who is in love with deer, or “Dee” as he calls them. Elijah (my oldest, 5) has been out with me several times this year, but Easton isn't able to climb into the stand so the ground blind was our only option. He quietly sat in front of the heater, and even though he may never remember that night, I know I'll never forget it.

It was only six years ago that I sat in that same pop up blind with my Dad, trying to get my first deer with a bow. I'm glad he took the time to hunt with me, and I'm glad that I now get to teach my own boys the same thing. I still prefer the bow, but if I get to put a deer down with one of my boys next to me, I'll do it with whatever the state of Michigan allows!

Hunt info:
Mossberg 4x4 25-06
118 grain bullet
150 Yards
Whiskey Creek
Deer dropped then got up and ran 15 yards
Tom Coviak found with flashlight after dark.
Shot placement- Lung & Liver. Quartering to me.
96 Lb.