Sunday, January 1, 2012

Season Over

Defeated.  That is the word that rings in my ears when I think about whitetail buck hunting during my 2011 season.  Although I am very greatful to have shot 4 doe and filled my freezer with enough meat for the year, I can't help but think back on the season and remember all disappointing encounters I had with bucks.  I've seen more bucks this season than I can ever remember seeing in any season of my hunting career, but I was out smarted and out lucked by all of them.

Below is a picture of the 4 point I thought was going to be my saving grace on New Years Eve, but it turned out to be just another failed attempt.  This deer came in so perfectly, it was as if I was dreaming up the events that were transpiring in front of me.  It came in with two doe, a fawn and a button buck (way too many eyes).  The doe, fawn, and button buck split, and this buck walked right up the shooting lane, at 25 yards it turned and looked the other way.  I took advantage and drew my bow.  I was afraid it was going to bolt out of there like its lady friends did so I didn't waste any time.  Before I knew it, my arrow was on its way to score like the winning shot at the buzzer of the championship game, but the happy ending to my story never happened.  It was a complete fail, following suit with the rest of my buck encounters this season.

I don't want to sound like I'm whinning because I'm not.  I had a great season shooting doe, and I understand that if I got every deer I shot at, the sport would loose its zest.  I want to share these stories so  you don't just hear stories of Krack Boy success.  I want to share all the reality of the sport and what we experience in the woods.

On that note I will recap my season of buck horror stories.  It started with the buck I shot out of the Poison Ivy Palace and never found.  Second was a shot I took at a seven point through some brush.  The arrow hit a branch and flew off into a tree snapping my arrow in half and never coming any where near the deer.  Third, I was watching some doe in my binoculars and a spike snuck up from behind leaving me unable to move.  That same night I drew on a seven point waiting for it to take one more step into a clearing, which it never did because it busted dad having a cough attack in the upper stand.  Fourth, involved the same seven point buck from the third story.  It came in and I drew on it, it was a deja vu moment, but this time I got busted.  It caught my scent before stepping into a clearing ten feet in front of it and it bolted.  Fifth, was on the only day I hunted all year where there was snow on the ground.  A little four point came right at me on a mission.  As soon as I made the slightest movement to position myself, the tree stand let out a loud creek (most likely due to the cold weather), and it was pretty much game over for that one.  And finally, to cap the year off was the beatiful miss I mentioned in the story above.

What do think?  Pretty sad huh?  As my uncle Mike used to say, "you should start numbering your excuses".  It would make my stories a lot shorter. 

Oh well, another exciting season is sadly over.  Guess it's time to start thinking about the next adventures for Team Krack Boy.