Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Krack Dad's Buck

It has been quite the dry spell for dad, but after putting in his fair share of hours in the treestand, he connected with this handsome 4point. 
Dad was coming off from a hunt the day before that produced nothing but feelings of anger.  Anger that was induced by meeting up with a young kid on his way to the treestand.  The kid told dad he walks around in our hunting area all the time.  He said he really enjoys the trails the we mowed and even told dad where he usually jumps the deer out of.  Dad took care of the situation in a polite manner and sat for the remainder of the night and not surprisingly seen nothing.

Monday night, Nov. 7, was a different story.  There were no kids to be seen on his way down to the lower stand.  Instead, this nice 4 point buck came in and gave him a 32 yard shot.  Miss judging the distance of the deer resulted in a spine shot, but three broken arrows later the deal was sealed. 

Congratulations dad on the nice buck.

Upon special request by Jim V.  here are the stats:

Shot Distance - 32 yards
Dressed Weights - 130 lbs
Shot Placement - Spine
Sex - Male
Points - 4


Carla said...

Proud of you Rick. Especially the calm way you approched the young boy

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

once again dad shoots the biggest buck. Congrats!

Aaron said...

nice. keep doing the stats

Anonymous said...

Where did these antlers end up? Are they on the wall in the garage?

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

That is a good question. This is dads last buck. I think chad did a European mount with them but I don't know where they are. Chad?