Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dads Doe Show

Dead eye Dad took out this doe with a shot that will make us all forget about his former arrow slinging adventure. Although this deer was taken with a muzzle loader, it's not always easy to put a bullet EXACTLY where you want.
Krack Boy Outdoors does not want to be known as a bunch of cold hearted killers, nor do we want to be too descriptive or gory when it comes to stories or pictures. But on this occasion I want you to see a picture of this deers heart. It must have taken a very direct hit, I think we can assure you that this animal did not suffer. (See Photo Below)
Another part of this story has to do with the "clean up". I'm talking about field dressing and gut piles. Not every day in Krackville is a day in paradise, typically we all get along very well. Unless a couple of thoughtless guys leave a big ole nasty stinky gut pile 15 yards from a tree stand that Old Bro Krack is intending on hunting the next day. All is well now, but it did bring up some interesting conversation about gut piles. PLEASE COMMENT and let us know how you think gut piles affect deer behavior.

Shot Placement: Heart
Distance: 40-50 yards
Weapon: Knight 50 cal. Muzzle Loader
Bullet: 245 grain Powerbelt hollow point (90 grains black powder)
Location: Lower Stand
Date: November 17, 2011
Weight: ??

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