Monday, September 5, 2011

Krak Shot 2011

    This year we hosted the first annual Krak Shot at my (Bryan) house.  It was an event inspired by the reality TV show Top Shot.  We kept the event fairly small this year because we were uncertain how things would go.  I am happy to report that for the most part everything went well.  The weather gave us some concern as a storm blew in hours before we were to begin.  Luckily, it blew over and we got the show on the road around 2:45pm.

We had two teams of three people.  The teams were determined by a quarter shoot with the Benjamin Air Rifle.  Marty, Jer, and myself were the first to hit the quarters and we all ended up with tails, so we made up one team, and Chad, Andrew, and Rick made up another. 
      We first did four team events and then split off to do three individual events. The first team event was with the .44 magnum hand gun.  It was a relay shoot where we had to shoot apples that got progressively further away.  The event was won with the best time by Rick, Chad, and Andrew by a blow out.
      The second team event was the balloon shoot.  The key was to shoot as many of your color balloons with the .22 LR in 30 seconds.  It was a head to head event and each shooter got two 10 shot clips.  You could not shoot your color balloon until the one in front of it was shot.  Some technical difficulties with the guns jamming up, put the event in turmoil, but it was still a good competition.  This event was won 2 points to 1 point by Jer, Marty and myself.
     The third team event was the trick shots.  A contestant from each team had to attempt splitting a bullet on an axe head with the .44 mag.  Another contestant from each team had to hit a small target shooting the 30/30 Winchester backwards, using a mirror to aim.  And finally, the remaining two contestants had to shoot a fiberglass rod and string in half with the .22 LR.  Each team scored three points in this event. 
      The final team event was 100 yard bow shot.  Each person went head to head with an opposing team member in a game of who could get closer to the bullseye.  Three shots were taken by each person and you could cancel out your opponents hit by hitting the target closer.  Marty, Jer and Myself dominated this event and took three points to their zero.
       The individual events were the trailer shot from the back of a moving quad with a 9mm handgun, long distance shots with the .223 rifle at targets placed at 75 yards, 140 yards and 200 yards, and finally skeet and trap shooting with the .12guage shotgun.   
        After the individual events, Chad had the most points and Rick was a close second so they entered the final shoot out where they would pick their weapon of choice and shooting distance and style.  After the smoke settled, Chad came out victorious and got to sign and take home the coveted "Head Shot Trophy". 
          Congratulations to Chad and I can't wait to see everyone again next year on another season of Krak Shot.

Here are some clips of video taken during the event:


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

I didn't realize that we had so much video. Good Stuff

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a riot. Where do I register for the next competition?
Dan Kleinheksel

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

We'll keep you in mind for next year Danno.