Monday, September 19, 2011

Under Pressure

With only 4 Lbs of venison left in the freezer from last year, my wife put on the pressure. She was more than willing to hold down the fort on Saturday morning, even though she is only weeks away from becoming a mother for the 4th time. So I grabbed my ole Diamomd Justice and climbed in to old faithful. You may better remember her from previous posts as the "Killer Stand".
My story is similar to Bryan's in many ways, but there are a few differences. Bryan is a great example of a hunter. He prepared in many more ways than he divulged via the blog. He was more than ready to hunt and put a deer in the freezer just as I hoped he would. However this early success instantly made me a little jealous. And since I was not planning on doing any hunting in the early season, I was not prepared to hunt at all.
But you all read the post, he correctly gave credit where credit is truly due "God's Grace". After all isn't that were all of our successes really come from anyway? So I ran out to the bank on Friday and put out a little bit of corn. Then I went home and washed all my hunting clothes.
Early Saturday I was sitting in a stand that didn't have any lanes cleared, I was wearing damp clothes (thank you Whirlpool for your auto dampness sensor), and I had spent about 2 minutes scouting the night before.
I was in the stand at about 6:40 and at about 7:30 the first deer of the year came in. It was the closest shot I had ever taken, maybe 5-8 yards. I hit her and she bolted. After I calmed myself down (yes I still get excited about shooting doe) I found my arrow and POOP! Yup, I got a whiff of that infamous smell, a gut shot. So I got out of there and didn't return for about 7 hours. When Bryan and I returned it took us about 20 minutes to travel 100 plus yards, following an almost non existent blood trail , before we found the very bloated doe. The shot hit lung but then clipped a small bit of guts. She died in a hurry but I didn't know that in the morning so we just played it safe.
Our stories are similar in that we both filled early season tags, but different in that He did it correctly and I truly just got LUCKY, or as Old BRO says BLESSED!

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Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Two for Two on the year for the Krack Boy hunting team!! That truly is a blessing.
I forgot to tell you that your damp clothes technique made me curious so I tried it Sunday morning. I must say, I'm not a big fan.
Nice pic :)