Sunday, September 18, 2011


Before I was the owner of a trail camera, I was a son of an owner of a trail camera. I spent a good amount of time harassing my Dad for having his camera sitting on a shelf in the basement. Or for not putting it exactly were I thought it should go. So when I finally got one that I could call my own, I told my wife not to ever let me "shelve" my camera. Well..... Dad you were right again.
I had my camera down in our hunting hole almost all summer long...... wasted effort. Dead Batteries, Mosquito bites, pictures of nothing, and on average about 1 pic of a doe per week was all I had to show for my labor.
So I went into a full on slacker mode while still not shelving the camera. I decided to set the camera up in my Dad's back yard. And when I say back yard, I'm not talking about 1/2 mile behind, or a quarter mile, I'm not even talking yards. He almost had to mow around the thing. But there was a price to pay for such a genius idea, and that price was harassment. Old Bro Kraker, was on me just like I had been on Dad in years past. Hopeless, waste, desperate, the words were real but were they warranted? You tell me.................


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

The little buck is a 9 point because the end of the main beam is forked on one side. The bigger odd buck looks to be a 10 point. It only has 3 points on it's mains (1right, 2 left) but it is loaded with junk at the bases. Hope to see this thing hanging in the garage soon!

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Looks like I'm eating crow. But seriously, who would have guessed? Two big bucks and coyote in the back yard of suburbia!