Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late Season Rush

December 28, 2010. It is almost the end of the season and we still haven't captured any whitetail hunting action on camera. As a matter of fact, we haven't even tried. So when dad told us that he had spotted some deer bedded down off from a 16th street, about a 1/4 of a mile south of where we hunt, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Chad put a stand above the one we already had there and the plan was for me to try and shoot one with my bow. If it was obvious that a shot was not going to be made with the bow then he was going to hand me the camera and take the shot with his shotgun. Watch the video to see what happens.

It was a perfect team effort. Dad pushed the deer our way; I attempted the shot with my bow, but we couldn't get the deer to stop. And finally, the camera switch was made and Chad took an 80 yard shot while the deer was running.

We ended up finding blood and followed it for over a mile before we jumped the deer out of some thick brush by the country club. It looked like the deer had been hit in the hind quarters. There was a lot of blood, but the deer took off with ease. We followed blood for a while longer before we gave up hope. It was an exciting night with a not so exciting ending.

While we were tracking this deer we came upon another deer that appeared to have been shot several weeks ago.  Watch the video.

At first we thought this was one of the deer we had video of earlier in the season, but after reviewing our trail cam pics and videos, we had nothing that matched this rack.  It's too bad that this guy didn't make it to next season or at least in front of the sights of one of our bows this season.  

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