Monday, December 13, 2010

Bank Action

This video is just a small taste of what I usually experience on a typical day at the bank. I hope you enjoyed the action.
After some early success this year Bryan has traded his bow in for a big red sack. Dad has been putting in some serious stand time and has regularly been seeing some small deer, but has elected to let them walk. (Well Done) And me.......... Well the Video says it all.
On Saturday Dad also added to the list of firsts for the Kraker Boys. Along with Bryans rare sighting of a deer being bred, Dad saw an equally unusual sight. A Red fox (which is quite something by itself) was walking through when a gray squirrel with impeccably bad timing decided to pop out of the weeds right in front of him. The chase began and ended within moments, the fox emerged victorious and then proceeded on his way, leaving his prize behind. Meanwhile I was in the lower stand watching all the other squirrels fight about who was going to get Murphys (I think he deserves the name) winter food stash.

Also, Dad shot a nice doe tonight. No pictures sorry, it's already skinned. He shot it out of the “hot spot” stand with his muzzle loader. The deer only ran about 30 yards before he watched it go down. From what he told me it sounds like he had about 10 deer to choose from, and I think I heard something about some sizable antlers too. So I'll keep trying.

I missed a doe last week too, but that's old news

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Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Nice video! I think we can all relate to nights like this. That's hunting for you.