Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whiskey Creek

Like my older brother, I too have a deep appreciation for bow hunting. I'll never forget the day I shot 2 deer with my gun within a ten minute period. After the gun smoke settled I found myself facing a huge task (we process our own deer) which was brought about with only a mediocre amount of adrenaline. To be fair I have to admit it was still a good time. But it did lack the satisfaction of having a whitetail only yards away , and putting them down with energy that came from the strength of my own arms.

However, my appreciation for gun hunting was revived this past gun season when I got to take out my trusty ole 25-06 and head up north for my 2nd annual Whiskey Creek Hunting Camp. This hunt didn't revive gun hunting for me because of the gun or even because it resulted in my first northern whitetail. It was because It was a deer camp that included my entire family! And the 96 Lb doe that I shot was nothing too spectacular, but it was the first deer I got to shoot with my son Easton sitting next to me. Easton is my 2 year old boy who is in love with deer, or “Dee” as he calls them. Elijah (my oldest, 5) has been out with me several times this year, but Easton isn't able to climb into the stand so the ground blind was our only option. He quietly sat in front of the heater, and even though he may never remember that night, I know I'll never forget it.

It was only six years ago that I sat in that same pop up blind with my Dad, trying to get my first deer with a bow. I'm glad he took the time to hunt with me, and I'm glad that I now get to teach my own boys the same thing. I still prefer the bow, but if I get to put a deer down with one of my boys next to me, I'll do it with whatever the state of Michigan allows!

Hunt info:
Mossberg 4x4 25-06
118 grain bullet
150 Yards
Whiskey Creek
Deer dropped then got up and ran 15 yards
Tom Coviak found with flashlight after dark.
Shot placement- Lung & Liver. Quartering to me.
96 Lb.


Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Congratulations. I can't wait until I get to take a deer with one of my kids. I can imagine it would be exciting. I took Rogue for the first time last week, and she seemed to like it for about an hour. I thought that was pretty good for a three year old.

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting a deer while your son was with you. I have yet to get anything while hunting with Evan, but as long as he is having fun, I consider it successful. I went out by my parents' with him this weekend and didn't see anything. I asked him what he was thinking, and he said "I wonder if the legos are out in grandma's house." So we left. From your pictures, it looks like you have the same 2-person tree stand that I bought this past fall. How young is too young for a treestand? Jill is due with #3 in two weeks, I'm wondering if I'll be able to take the infant hunting before the season ends. I don't see a problem with that.