Saturday, March 3, 2012

New for 2012!

Every year after the whitetail season closes I fill my mind with thoughts of coyote hunting and usually thinking is all the further I get. As you can tell from the blog this January and February have been filled with nothing as far as hunting or fishing. It didn't help that ice was pretty much non existent this year. I'm not really that disappointed as ice fishing ranks right up there with carp shooting in my book. They are pretty much there to just pass the time until real hunting and fishing seasons come around. (my personal opinion, feel free to strongly disagree)
Thankfully my wife came through with a SWEEEEEET new toy for our 6th wedding anniversary.

This is a used Bow Tech Destroyer 340. Old Bro Bryan found it on Ebay for a great price! I'm slightly sad to see my old bow get set aside, it did it's job and did it quite well. Not to mention that it was really the first bow I owned. (not including my old fiberglass re-curve, and my first 20 dollar compound bow that mom bought at a garage sale) The old Diamond Justice really wasn't even used for my first deer kill, that honor goes to my Dads old Tan 110 Lb bow with 2% let off. The Justice was also given to me as a gift from my wife, and for that reason it'll stick around forever, but it's hunting days are over. I have taken somewhere around 15 deer (probably a slightly high estimate) with the Justice but still am only mildly sad to see it retire.

This new bow will likely stick around a few years longer than old Justice. It is shooting over 320 FPS completely set up. (compared to 260 from the Diamond) And personally I love how it looks especially with the “black ops” finish. Not to mention that it was an anniversary gift from my wife. This bow has already made a few memories and has also already shed some blood. Unfortunately it was my blood..... I'm not quite used to the hard plastic grip and while doing some video target practice with my brothers I let the bow slip out of my sweaty hand at about half draw. It flew back and the cable guard caught my trigger finger and knuckle. The good thing was that it gave me an excuse when I ended up losing the video shoot.

BTW--- This I'm not the only one with new Equipment this year. More stories are soon to follow.


aaron said...

nice. and good to see a new post.

I've almost given up checking

aaron said...

where do you do video target practice?

Anonymous said...

Nice. I went from frustrated (because of a two month dry spell on the blog) to jealous (because of the new bow). ha ha. 6 months, 28 days until bow season. Bring on the deer pics.....Oh by the way, you forgot to mention who got you the bow. :) Have you ever been to Long Range Archery? They have a nice place w/video archery. I haven't used it yet, but it looks cool. I'll probably have to use it this year, because if I shoot my bow in my yard, someone calls the cops on me (true story) Later, BK

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Aaron, BK has your answer. We video shoot at Long Range. It's pretty cool for February shooting, any warmer month I'd prefer 3d.

BK, I wanted everyone to know where the bow came from. My hope is that it will help ensure another new bow in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Nice plan. Every five years she can get you a bow, and you can get her a treestand, decoys, or new camo to return the favor.

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Always happy to help out with bow shopping. Unless of course it turns out the bow I find is faster and a better deal than the bow I just bought. Then it kind of sucks.

By the way, where is the stabalizer on that thing? It looks naked.

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

I think your fooling yourself. It might be faster, but it'll be hard to prove if it was a better deal.

It might stay naked, unless someone can give a good reason for even having a stabilizer.

Chad and Amber Kraker said...
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