Saturday, March 10, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me

As Chad promised in the previous post, there would be more updates of new equipment.  I recieved this Hoyt CRX 35 for Christmas this year from my wife.  Sure, I picked it out and did the purchasing, but it's the thought that counts, and this was a great thought. 

Like every new bow it came with the headache of getting it set up, and if your a Kraker, you don't settle for anything but perfection when it comes to your new toys.  I sent it to Predator Archery right here in Zeeland to have the QAD rest placed on it, a new D-loop, and a paper tune.  After I got it back I noticed some major cam lean on the top cam.  This did not make me happy (even though the bow was shooting great) so I sent it back to Kevin at Predator Archery.  He ripped the bow apart and we both researched the cam lean issue.  Kevin called Hoyt and I read a dozen forums online and we both came to the same conclusion.  It is just a common thing for most Hoyt bows to have the cam lean so we got it shooting good again, and I'm just going to learn to live with it. 
Hoyt CRX 35 - IBO 319 fps / Actual Chrono Results with my set up 306 fps
This is my fourth official bow.  My first being a cheapo Darton that I never hit a single animal with, the second was a Hoyt Intruder which I still have and took my first several deer with, and my last bow was the Hoyt Ultratech which I am happy to say has found a new home with my brother Andrew.  I would like to officially welcome Andrew to the world of archery, and I am happy that my old bow is his gateway bow.  We look forward to hearing stories of success and, since it is a bow, stories of blunder as well. 

The new equipment has sparked a little competition between the Krack Boys (shocker).  Chad has put together a few rules, but in short, we are looking to see who has the first kill with their new equipment.  Losers pay into the summer fishing gas fund.  Good luck suckers!

Some quick shameless promotion goes to Predator Archery.  They do a great job and can help out with any of your archery needs.  Give Kevin a call at 616-748-8928 or Cell: 616-886-8129.


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Good Luck Suckers! What is that all about? Did you forget to mention that you already owe 10 dollars to the gas fund?

By the way that bow looks nice drawn back. I think it deserves a photo shoot. Do you know any photographers?

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Here is a copy of the rules Bro Krack is talking about....
Add or modify as you deem necessary
All Payments are to be made to the fishing gas fund.

1. First animal of any species successfully taken with new archery equipment will require the non successor(s) to pay 5 dollars into the boating gas fund.
2. If any animal is shot at and no evidence of a hit is found the archer will pay a 5 dollar “junk shot” fine. This in not limited to one miss per species.
3. If any animal is shot at and there is evidence of a hit and there is no recovery the archer will pay a 10 dollar “wounded game” fine. This is not limited to
one miss per species.
4. If archer lets his bow slip out of his hands while shooting and as a result has injury to his person he shall be exempt from any fines that may have
resulted from the errant shot, he has already suffered enough.

there was also a pity rule added that protects a hunter who spent a lot of money on a hunt and didn't even get a shot off.

Anonymous said...

first animal of any species taken legally, right?

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

I was pretending I wrote this post before my ten dollar mistake in Florida.
I will go into detail on the next blog post. I am waiting on pictures and video from mom.

Anonymous said...

Bow photo shoot. I'd like to see a pic posted of the bow at full draw with a nice broadhead, pointed almost directly at the lens. May want to use the remote feature on the camera for that one. Don't bump the release. Would hate to see the gas money pot have to go to a new camera. Looking forward to the pig pics. Congrats Rick.

Anonymous said...

Addition to rules: #1 If an animal is cleanly harvested on video, all others in pool put in $20 each. To avoid paying $20, one may opt out, but will have to field dress the animal and drag to nearest point accessible by vehicle. #2However, a poor hit on video requires shooter to pay in $50. In addition, video will be archived for a pre-determined amount of time, and may be shown as often as deemed necessary by others in the group, mainly for trash talking and heckling/humbling purposes. #3 If one predicts the time, species, gender, number of points on the game animal taken, shot distance and angle,etc etc, before the day's hunt takes place, all others in group have to pay a "holy cow, that was friggin sweet!" bonus. For example, Bryan says "Tonight, 7:45 pm, 11 point whitetail buck, 17 yards, quartering away," and it happens, everybody pays in. Variations of this rule could include: 'all or nothing'--if he guesses all variables correctly, or 'partial' where everyone pays in a certain amount per variable that was guessed correctly. "All or nothing" may be difficult, as suspicions would arise as to how one got their bow through Zoo Security....Do zoos have security? hmmmmmmmm.

Aaron said...

half of all money that goes to the pot pays for the lawyer that will be needed to desipher BK's rules. By the way BK,if that is your real name, go to bed, it's 1:56 a.m.