Monday, June 6, 2011

Krack guys try for the “Eyes”

This past weekend Krack Boy Outdoor members Rick and Chad headed east to try their hand at the most elusive of all game fish “WALLEYE”. Some... or most may disagree with that overstatement. But anyone who has taken a krack at this species knows that it is a hit or miss game. However this weekend we discovered another option, I'll call it a “hiss”. (that would be a combination of “hit” and “miss” if you needed the assist.) We were able to land over 50 fish (estimate) but still came up 3 fish short of our legal possession limit of 10 keepers. A 15 inch fish proved very hard to come by, but the 13 inchers seemed to enjoy our company.
Mom Kraker joined us on the boat and had to put up with a fair amount of harassment for losing a couple of nice fish. However, she did end up making a few nice contributions to the live well.
Shortly before we pulled our lines up for the last time Rick landed and 22 inch walleye and not long after that we got a second one of the same size.
Now that I reflect on the weekend, I think we can go back and label this one a HIT. Here are a few pictures.


Anonymous said...

Catchy title.

Looks like a good time. You caught fish and had nice weather? That’s unheard of.

I'm guessing there were no anger filled bike rides to the bar and batting cages?

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

I was having trouble with the comment section working. I think I have it fixed.