Sunday, June 12, 2011


In the previous post, Chad refered to the walleye as one of the most elusive fish. I agree, walleye can be a very challenging fish to locate and catch, but during this spring season, big lake fish have been the elusive ones for me. I have been out several times already this year only to return with an empty cooler and a load of dissapointment.

Finally, this all changed for me on Saturday, June 11 (my anniversary). Rogue and I decided to skip the Holland Fishing Derby and hit up the big lake instead. We called Dad (Rick) and he was all about getting out and doing some fishing.
We didn't get on the lake until about ten o'clock and it was very foggy. We hooked into this 10lb King Salmon after only about 45 minutes of having the lines down. We got it on a black and green spoon in 75 ft of water at 60 ft deep. It hit hard and faught harder. The real challenge was landing this fish. Rick had to wear two hats, the captain of the vessel and the net man. With the waves we were fighting, this was not an easy feat.

We ended up fishing until about 1:30 pm. The fog had broke and the sun was out, unfortunetly, this brought the wind, which brought the waves. It was a great time and Rogue seemed to enjoy catching her first Salmon.


Carla said...

Glad you finally had some luck.

The Velderman's said...

Maybe you need to take Rogue more often. She must be the expert!

On a side note, I think you should have asked for my spelling expertise on a few other words besides maybe "finally" :-)

Glad you got your fish!

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Yikes! It's prety bad wen yew spel the tital rong. I'll phix it.