Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Special Post for Aaron

The days are short, the ice is too thin, and all the weapons in the Krack armory are locked away for the seemingly endless Winter. March is a tough Month for Krack Boy outdoors, but this post isn't about us. In fact, I was recently reminded that none of the post are really for us. We have no need to read our own stories, or watch our own videos. This blog was created solely for the Aarons of the world. Now I understand that the vast majority of all our readers have no Idea what I mean by that. But thanks to Google Stats we know our target audience, very closely resembles a man in his early 30's who also enjoys the outdoors, Change Diapers, vacuums, and makes the daily family dinner. This same man, we assume, needs this blog to break up the monotony of the day. And we have let him down. So this Post is a tribute to our most faithful blog follower, Aaron.

This was the result of some bowfishing on Allegan Lake Summer 2010 (Dad Got the big one)

This is my back yard. These Ducks show up every spring. I don't duck hunt, so if you want to set up a blind, just give me a call.

This is also in my back yard, prety unusual for 1/4 acre piece in the middle of the city.

Just a side note--- we want to say thanks to all of our mysterious Russian Followers too. And we have a fishing trip planned for this weekend, so more is coming soon.

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