Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dad is out fishing Lake Erie for Walleye, I (Chad) am out in Southwest Montana. Which leaves Bryan alone to hunt the Michigan rut without a tag.

About the pic....... This is a buck that Elijah and I saw this morning. We woke up early and saw a big bull Moose out of our window so we decided to try to get a closer look. On our way out to see it we came across the deer chasing a doe around. Believe it or not this deer was probably half the size of the one we saw the day before. Unfortunately, as a non-resident I can only buy a tag for a whitetail doe.
Tonight I leave for Yellowstone, but will be back late this week to start some hunting. I'll keep you updated.

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Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

Sounds like your getting to experience the Montana rut. That is a cool picture.

I have a story for you about the spike you shot earlier in the year. I'll tell you when you get back.