Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Florida Catch

We arrived in Florida yesterday (November 27) and did some fishing off from the dock behind our villa with no luck at all. There seemed to be no signs of fish at all in the area.

Today (November 28) a man known for being the luckiest fisher in the Kraker family (Andrew) gave it a shot. He grabbed my ultra light fishing pole and tried a couple casts off from the dock. (Here's where I am gonna take some credit for his success.) I told him to try a couple casts in this little side pond off from the lake. He probably had five casts in in there with the popper that was on the pole and hooked into this little beauty.
After catching this fish, there was a renewed hope for the rest of us. Dad, Grandpa, and me all tried our had at catching something. It turns out that Andrew caught the only fish in that lake. Go figure. Maybe this guy should try his hand at hunting.


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

A Crapie on a popper..... This guy better try hunting in someone elses hunting spot. I think I would cry when he told me he shot a B&C with a re-curve at 70 yards his first time out hunting.

The Velderman's said...

Seems like Andrew is always showing all of you experienced fishermen up. Maybe I should give it a try!