Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bow Kill During Gun Season

Shooting a deer with a gun seems to carry less satisfaction than taking one with a bow, and that is the main reason I generally opt out of taking a gun into the woods when I can take the trusty Hoyt.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a certain satisfaction of letting a round fly out the end of your gun barrel and having it meet up with a perfect kill shot on your desired prey, but I prefer the up close and personal  (and sometimes frustrating) challenge of the bow. 

That is why on Sunday, November 18, 2012 I decided to sit in the lower bank stand with my bow.  After watching four mature doe walk by at 60 to 70 yards, I feared I made the wrong decision on my weapon choice.  But then from the north came my chance at redemption.  A single mature doe was heading in my direction.  It was walking directly into my wind so I feared that I would be winded at any moment, but it didn’t happen.  She gave me a 30 yard shot and I took it.  It must have jumped my string a bit (at least that is my excuse) because the shot was high and it the spine. 


I would say taking a doe that is on edge from gun hunting pressure with a bow at 30 yards is a pretty impressive feat.  I have gone bow hunting during gun season in previous seasons with no luck so this kill makes me feel pretty good.  All glory be to God for letting me make this harvest.  It may not be a trophy but it was another exciting hunting challenge. 

Weapon - Hoyt CRX35
Shot Distance - 30 yards
Sex - Female
Weight - 95 lbs
Shot Placement - spine
Stand - Lower Bank Stand

P.S. Just so you know Brad, my Burt Coyote Lumenock failed me.  I know your shocked.


Anonymous said...

ha ha Burt Coyote FAIL! congrats on another deer. My season has been fruitless so far, a few weeks left, hopefully will get a shot opportunity soon.

Anonymous said...

also, I've been informed that there has been a four point and and doe that have been harvested, but I wouldn't know, because no one has posted a story. Cough, Chad, cough.

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

The stories are coming, they aren't exceptionally exciting, so don't get your hopes up.