Friday, October 12, 2012

Rage in the Cage

Friday October 12, Chrixus and I decided to head down to Hastings and try our luck at getting a deer.  Turns out it would be the night that I get my first deer on the Hastings land that my buddy Chrixus is allowing me and Chad to hunt with him this year. 

I had only been in the stand for a half hour when I recieved a text from Chrixus letting me know that there was a doe heading my way.  It came into some thick brush, but after 15 minutes of walking around it stepped into a shooting hole through the brush about the size of a basketball.  I took advantage of the opportunity and let the arrow fly.  The lumenok worked this time and I instantly knew I had a good shot.  I sat the rest of the night in the stand hoping for a chance at another deer.

Once it was dark and Chrixus and I were done hunting for the night, we got on the blood trail.  I was a fairly easy trail to follow.  After about 80 yards we came up on my deer.  To both of our surprise, it was a yearling.  I did it again.  It bothered me at first that I still can't tell the difference from a yearling and a mature doe, but after thinking about it for awhile, I must say I am still happy to have had the rush of the hunt and some nice tender meat for the family. 

My first deer in Hastings and my first deer with a Rage Broadhead.  I reported back on my last deer that I took with the Bloodrunner Broadheads which I was pretty pleased with, and I must say I am equally pleased with the Rage Broadheads.  The entry hole on the Rage broadheads was much larger, but the exit hole was smaller.  The blood trails were about the same for similar shot placements and both were pass through shots.  As for right now, I have to lean toward the Bloodrunner just because it is $29.00 for a three pack versus $40.00 for a three pack of Rage.
Entry hole at 1 1/2" to 1 3/4"

Exit hole at 1 1/2" Max

Weapon - Hoyt CRX 35
Broadhead - Rage
Shot Distance - 13 yards through a small hole in the brush
Arrow - Carbon Express Maxima Hunter
Sex - Female
Weight - 60 lbs :(
Shot Placement - Perfect double lung
Nock - NockTurnal lighted nock that actually worked this time

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Anonymous said...

Nice, so apparently Nockturnal nocks do light up on occasion. After the one I used for my bear failed to light, I decided to test the other 2 that were in the same package. I found that 1 worked fine, 1 was completely dead, and one lit up at about half the brightness it should have been. I think the entire lighted nock industry is all together in one big concerted effort to get my money, and so far, I haven't been smart enough to stop giving it to them. Congrats on the deer, I haven't had one in range yet this year, and I haven't seen any yet that I would have shot if they were within range. It should start heating up in the next couple of weeks though.