Friday, September 28, 2012

Good start to the 2012 season

Well I guess it is my honor to start the blog posts for this years hunting season. Fishing wasn't the greatest for us this year with all the boat troubles we have had. There may be a fishing trip or two left to redeem ourselves.

This past weekend was early doe season and my (Andrew) first time hunting with a bow. I did not have too high of expectations until Bryan told me the night I was going out that me and Chad would probably get a deer.

It didn't take long after climbing into the tree stand to see a spike run right underneath me. That alone was enough to get my blood running and my hands shaking. I thought there was no way I could shoot at a deer if I can't even keep calm when I see a deer I am not even allowed to shoot!

Probably 15-30 minutes later a group of three deer were headed through the woods in my direction. It was pretty thick so by the time I saw them they were within 40 yards. The smallest of the three led the group right to me. The second deer in the group was the one I had my eye on for a kill. She was about 20-25 yards away and stared me down for a good 30 seconds. I thought I was busted for sure. She finally put her head down and I drew my bow and waited what seemed like a lifetime for her to turn for a good shot. I took the shot and immediately realized it was hit too far back.

After waiting over night to track the deer Chad and I finally got out at 7am to start looking. We found a blood trail and tracked for a good distance but had to stop looking after a couple hours. I went out by myself later in the afternoon but I had lost most of my hopes of finding it. That is until the miracle tracker Bryan came in. I showed him the blood trail we had found and soon after he started walking well away from the blood trail. I guess he had a good instinct because I got a call a few minutes later that he had found the deer!

Ideally I would have liked my first deer with a bow to have been a cleaner shot, but we did end up finding the deer and no meat was wasted. Good luck to everyone in a couple of days!


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Miracle Tracker? Sounds like someone got lucky not following a blood trail! Anyway-Nice Recovery!

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

I like miracle tracker better than lucky tracker so I'm going to go with Andrew.
Congratulations on your first deer Andrew! I hope you're feeling the fever now. I also hope you start gutting your own deer.

Andrew Kraker said...

I am going to need help with a couple more.

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

You forgot to mention that it was 90lbs dressed. And I forgot to mention that I am very dissapointed that my old bow didn't make it in any of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first bow kill, Andrew. Shooting a deer on your first time out, sounds like someone else I know. (Aaron). Good luck on the rest of the year.